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Extensions are my favorite service to provide to my beautiful clients. They are so much fun because there are so many options! If you like the length of your hair but wish it was just a little thicker to create some fun styles or braids with you can do a volume look just by adding one row of hair. If you are wanting to add some length and fullness, we would most likely do two rows of hair. If you are wanting super long, full mermaid hair we would most likely do 2-3 rows of hair.

I am certified through three different extension companies. I like to do an in person in-depth consultation before the initial extension install so we can discuss the different types of methods, how much hair will be needed in order to get you the results you are looking for, pricing and deciding if any coloring will need to be done to your hair or the extension hair so we can be sure everything will match and blend perfectly. Pricing for the install will be discussed at your consultation, since everyone's hair is different I like to really customize your extensions to make sure it will be a perfect blend.

what to expect

the method


     I do a sew-in method that I've created using knowledge from the various different methods I've learned throughout the last seven years that I've been doing extensions.

     The extensions are sewn into your hair on a beaded foundation, there is no glue or any other adhesives needed.

     You can wear just one row for volume, two rows for volume & extra length, or three rows if needed to blend very short hair into a much longer length. I have a few different companies I order hair through, depending on which suits your hair goals and matches the color you're looking to achieve best.

     Application typically only takes about 2 hours and requires maintenance every 8 weeks for them to be moved back up as your hair grows. The extension hair itself should last you 8 months to a year if it is taken care of properly :)

     I include a goodie bag with your first install that has some products, an extension brush and some at home hair care instructions to ensure you will know what to do with your new dream hair  





Ready to make the best investment of your life?!  Start here!

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 I am SO excited you are ready for booking an appointment with me! If this is your first time with me, please fill this form out to see if you are a good candidate for the hand-tied extensions that I offer. 

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